Ten Tales of Lost Love Chronicled in The Valentine’s Day Massacre

In our society, Romance and love have been continually glorified to the point that we almost all spend our days longing for that special someone who makes us feel complete.  The dark side very rarely gets equal attention, however, even though far more relationships turn horribly sour than find long-lasting success.  In truth, love can be a horror story far more frightening than the worst tales of death and destruction.  Who among us hasn’t had those long, dark nights of the soul, emotionally reeling from the loss of someone we thought loved us?  Despite all the happy Valentine’s platitudes and romantic comedy happy endings with which we’re constantly inundated, very few institutions of modern life have wreaked more havoc than that of love.

The Valentine’s Day Massacre contains ten tales that look at the dark side of that happy little greeting card emotion we call love.  In this book of lost-love stories, heartbreak, obsession, hatred and spite follow closely behind those tender feelings we’re all made to feel inadequate without.  When you see the chaos the loss of love can leave behind, being single doesn’t seem quite so bad after all.

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