Happy Valentine’s Day with two new entries in the Watershed Tales Series!

The Trail

Are you afraid of the dark? What if you find yourself alone in the woods with the sun rapidly setting and darkness falling in all around you?  Would you be afraid then?  That’s the situation Aaron finds himself in as he realizes that his peaceful day of hiking is quickly turning into a nightmare when he underestimates how long it would take to get back to his car.  Alone in the woods, desperately trying to find a way out, he runs across a mysterious hiker who offers his help.  Should Aaron take it or find his own way to safety?

This Watershed Tales edition of The Trail includes the bonus tale, The Tell-Tale Heartache.  Amontillado lives a solitary life, father who ran out on him, mother who died years earlier and no one but the residents of the trailer park he resides in for company.  One Christmas day, a strange thumping sound attracts his attention and he goes on a quest to find its source.  The odd noise leads him to what he thinks he desires most, but will he like what he finds?

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Modern Art

The world is changing rapidly and not always for the better.  As circumstances change, our concept of what makes art changes with it.  What was once ugly and horrific can now be seen as beautiful.  The Artist has spent his entire career celebrating the worst things that can happen to people, somehow managing to take the destruction and pull some positive elements from it.  But now, his career is winding down and his creative vision quickly fading.  At the definitive showing of his life’s work, he plans to reveal his “retirement” with his most ambitious piece ever.  But will the world truly understand?

This Watershed Tales edition of Modern Art also includes the bonus tale, The Work Unborn.  Carl is a sculptor of some renown, having built a career on expressing the deepest of emotions through the clay.  Finally, happiness found him in the person of Sarah, a woman who took away all the internal pain that festered for years within him.  However, Carl has discovered, much to his dismay, that without his internal pain, his art is starving and, indeed, his very livelihood is threatened.  Now, he finds that he must make a choice, his life’s work or happiness?

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Watershed Tales is a series of short stories totaling 5,000 or more words, each in its own self-contained ebook, by author Dan Meadows.

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