Get the new Watershed Chronicle’s 13 Days of Halloween ebook!

 Halloween is my absolute favorite time of year!  It’s so much fun that I had to stretch it out into a two-week long celebration of all things creepy and frightening.  Every day for 13 days leading up to Halloween, there is something scary good to do.  In The Watershed Chronicle’s 13 Days of Halloween, there is a little something to entice even the most hardcore horror fan.

Horror is such a pervasive genre in our culture, and it’s all covered here.  From the spookiest author ever, Edgar Allan Poe, to the most terrifying actor, Vincent Price, to the most ghoulishly brilliant director, Alfred Hitchcock, their best and most horrifying works are covered.  There are real-life ghost stories, a look at where some of the most popular rituals of Halloween originated, and rundowns of the best movies, books and television horror stories ever devised.  To top it off, there’s even some ghostly fiction, culminating in a never-before-published short story by yours truly.

October is a time of year like none other if you enjoy being scared out of your wits.  But what happens in October doesn’t have to stay in October.  Halloween is the best of all holidays, and there’s no reason you can’t celebrate year-round.  This book can help.  Happy Halloween!

Get The Watershed Chronicle’s 13 Days of Halloween ebook for Amazon Kindle

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